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Bikers Keep Chief Landers Legacy Alive

Former Lowell Police Chief Joe Landers was killed in a motorcycle crash last May, but fellow riders are continuing to donate to one of his favorite charities
Lowell, AR - Former Lowell Police Chief Joe Lander's legacy is living on thanks to his fellow motorcycle riders.

Landers was killed in a motorcycle crash last May, and on Friday, the Chief's chapter of the Blue Knights made a donation to one of his favorite charities.

"He just loved children," says current Chief and longtime friend Randy Harvey. "Every year for the last 6 or 7 years (Landers) would come into the office and say, 'Ok, time to start gathering up toys for toys for tots.'"

The Blue Knights is made up of active duty and retired police officers, and the group raised hundreds of dollars during a memorial ride for their former member earlier this year. They donated the proceeds to Toys for Tots at the charity's office space in Lowell.

The US Marine Corps project has been providing Christmas presents to kids in need for decades, and the local coordinator says thanks to community support, they haven't turned away a single child for the last four years.

"We get a lot of donations," says John Staples. "This type, where someone is trying to honor someone, it's a big responsibility and we want to make sure that the money is used in the right way and it will be."

The Knights Arkansas Chapter 3 plans to make the memorial ride a yearly event, and Chief Harvey says he will also make sure the toy collection stays strong at his department.

The organization plans to start putting out collection boxes next week, for more information, visit their homepage.
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