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Bikes, Blues and BBQ: Locks Of Love

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. – In less than 24 hours, Dickson Street will go from peaceful to thousands of motorcyclists, revving their engines for Bikes, Blues and BBQ.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR – Dickson Street won't be quiet for long. On Wednesday, the bikers will be traveling up and down the entertainment district.  But, it's not all about the bike.

“Charity is the name of the game for Bikes, Blues and BBQ,” said Coleson Burns, Events Director of Bikes, Blues and BBQ. “Last year we were able to directly fund $90,000 to 20 different local charities. On top of that, there were several more charities that we were able to generate benefit to the tune of $102,000.”

One of the charities benefiting from the rally? Locks of Love. The organization creates wigs for those who have lost their hair due to illness. Last year, Burns chopped off his manly name for the cause.

“My grandmother, she passed away of cancer very early on. So, creating wigs and things like that just made her day. Locks of love has always been very dear to me,” said Burns.

Hair stylist Mollie Vaughn helped make the cut.

“If you're lucky enough to have hair that grows and you can donate it, it's going to come back. Some people aren't lucky enough to have that and for them to come out and donate it shows a lot for their character,” said Vaughn.

Vaughn says with one snip of the scissors, two people are actually getting a new do.

“People in this end, they're getting a nice hair cut which sometimes long hair can kind of drag you down. It gives you a new look. On the other end, you're making a kid smile because they have hair and they might now have before,” she added.

Bikers, making the kindest cut of all, for those who need it most.

You can donate your locks on Saturday at 6:10 p.m. On the main stage on Dickson Street.
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