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Bomb Defused in Rogers

A man is arrested Saturday after a vehicle accident leads to the defusion of an explosive device, in the van he was driving.
A man is behind bars after a bomb was found in a mini-van following a traffic accident in Rogers Saturday morning, according to police.

Police responded to the area of North 2nd Street and West Hudson Road just before 9 Saturday morning after reports of a car crash between a blue mini-van and a small passenger car.

Witnesses tell police the driver of the mini-van fled the scene and ran into nearby woods. Witnesses also told police they heard a gunshot just before the driver came back to the scene with blood coming from his hand.

The driver was taken to Northwest Medical Center, as police were informed of a small explosive device in the mini-van.

The Bentonville bomb squad was called out and officers blocked the roadway, diverting traffic from the scene. Shortly before noon, the bomb squad was able to confirm a small explosive device had been found and defused it.

The driver of the mini-van was arrested on outstanding warrant charges, and other charges could be pending.

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