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Car Part Theft on the Rise Kills Man

KNWA-- A warning about a new theft targeting catalytic converters in cars around Northwest Arkansas comes the same day police say a man was crushed while trying to steal one.
KNWA-- Ahead of the holidays, police want you to know about a new theft that's targeting car owners around Northwest Arkansas. 

Fayetteville police say they've handed at least eight reports in the last two weeks of people having their catalytic converters stolen from their cars.  Toyotas and SUVS are among the top targeted vehicles. Police say the thieves usually use a hacksaw to cut out the converters and then sell them off to scrap yards for about a hundred dollars each. Most converters also contain small amounts of precious metals, including platinum, which goes for about $1,500 an ounce. Most thefts are being reported at the Northwest Arkansas Mall and parking lots across town. It could cost you about $600 to replace a stolen converter.

In one instance in Springfield, Missouri, police say the theft turned deadly for one would-be robber.  On Monday morning police say a 42-year-old man was killed when he was crushed by a falling car while apparently trying to steal a catalytic converter from the vehicle.

Sgt. Todd Revell says the man was known to police and had a criminal background. Revell says he was apparently killed when the jack he used to raise the parked car slipped the car fell on him.

The car was parked in a lot by some auto shops at a small strip center.

The time of death was not determined yet and the man's body may have been under the car over the weekend, according to Revell.

The body was discovered by a person who came into work at one of the businesses at the location Monday morning.

Click here for ways to prevent being the next victim. 
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