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Community Reacts to Deadly Car Crash

BENTONVILLE, AR -- Two sisters killed in a car crash both attended Bentonville schools. Superintendent Mike Poore says the community is willing to help any way it can.
BENTONVILLE, AR -- Friday, traffic moves like normal near mile marker 5 on Interstate 49 in Pineville, Missouri.

But, Thursday, normal stopped there for one Bentonville family.

"Oh, we just feel for their loss and the pain that they're going through," says Mike Poore, superintendent of Bentonville schools.

Two sisters are dead.

The mom, dad and another sister are recovering in separate hospitals.

All results, of the Dec. 26 car crash.

"We know that these kids have been a part of the Bentonville school system for a long period of time," Poore says.

He's referring to Bethany Boxx, 20, a 2012 Bentonville High School graduate.

And Katelynn Boxx, 16, a 10th grader at BHS.

Both were killed during what state troopers say was a three-car collision that sent the Boxx family van off the road -- causing it to flip.

Now a school district is left to spend the rest of its holiday break in mourning.

"Our counselors are all made aware, and our leaders are all made aware of it to try to make sure that we're prepared when we get back to school to try to deal with any kind of support that students may need," Poore says.

Poore, who is also on break, met us during his down time for this interview.

He talked about how Thursday's tragedy is affecting the community -- including himself.

"You first off think about it as a dad and as a man and you think of your kids traveling," Poore says.

"You can kind of, you know think, 'Man it could have (been) anybody,'"

And Poore knows others, too, can relate.

"This community will undoubtedly step up like it has in other situations and go support this family."

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