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Consumer Minute: ID Theft Warning Signs, Cheering on Sochi

Time for Consumer Minute!
Here are some key warning signs that your identity may have been stolen.
- Bills for stuff you didn't buy appear on your credit or debit card statements.
- Your statements start arriving for an unknown credit card account, or a new card, one you didn't apply for, shows up in the mail.
- If you have a credit application denied, even though you have good credit, and if you have missing mail or email, a thief may have actually re-routed it.
Most importantly, keep on top of your statements and credit reports, and investigate anything out of the ordinary.

Mcdonald's launches a way to cheer on our Olympic athletes. As they head to Sochi, you can head to Cheersochi.com and send a personalized message of good luck and encouragement. The messages, or "cheers", will be on a special display in the athletes' village, where athletes can see them.
They can print the messages on to ribbons, to wear around their wrists.
You can also tweet your message, with the hashtag "#cheers to sochi".

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