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Consumer Minute: Tax Changes & Car Seat Safety

It's time for Consumer Minute!
Americans can officially begin filing their tax returns on January 31st. The IRS delayed the original filing by 10 days because of the two week government shutdown last year. This year taxpayers in higher-income brackets may feel the most pain from tax law changes. The top rate is now at 39.6% for those who make more than $400,000. Those who make more than $200,000 may be subject to a medicare surtax.

A major proposal is underway to better protect small children riding in car safety seats. This week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it is seeking a new rule that requires car safety seats to withstand side impact crashes up to 30 miles per hour. Under the new proposal, every car seat would have to first pass a side impact test before it could be sold to the public. Up until now, federal rules have covered only how well car seats protect children in crashes from the front. Officials say a side impact rule could prevent as many as five deaths and more than 60 injuries a year.
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