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Alpha Slamma Bamma, Sisterhood of Service in Fayetteville

"People are so taken with the idea of people helping each other," Ethel Simpson said.
"People are so taken with the idea of people helping each other," Ethel Simpson said.

Cleaning out a garage is not typically the first thing you'd think to do when spending time with your girlfriends.

But this isn't your typical lunch group.

Each month, one member of the Alpha Slamma Bamma's picks a home project they need completed, and they all pitch in to help.

"We realized that there were some things that we would never get around to doing on our own," Simpson said.

The name is a parody on a Greek sorority.

"Slamma is because we make a lot of noise," she said.

From simply organizing shelves to resurfacing furniture...

"There's the fun of just the challenge of trying to do some of these things that maybe we've never done before."

But the sisterhood of service runs deeper. Each woman is either widowed or divorced,

"None of us here has family here. The people who has kids, they're adults and they've moved out of the state. All of us have moved here from another part of the country so we have essentially become family for each other," LaDeana Mullinix said.

In less than 10 years they've completed 70 projects for each other and counting, and all the time spent together brings them closer.

"We have a spirit in Fayetteville of wanting to help one another, wanting to do things that are helpful to the environment, or to children, or to the elderly and this is an example of one way we can be helpful to each other," Simpson said.

For Simpson, transitioning from English Professor to Slamma, only makes her smile.

"That's quite a leap! But it's been fun all the way!"

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