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Amazeum Breaks Ground in Bentonville

BENTONVILLE -- Excitement for The Amazeum in Bentonville, is bursting at the seams.

BENTONVILLE -- Excitement for The Amazeum in Bentonville, is bursting at the seams.

"The Amazeum is a discovery center for kids and their families to come and explore more about the world around them," Executive Director Sam Dean said.

The community is rallying around the new museum, giving not just praise, but suggestions, too.

"The Amazeum is really about the community. Having an active arts scene means we have a great community of folks to come work with their hands, who like to play with ideas, to help create the Amazeum with us and help stage experiences over the next handful of years," Dean said.

There are several different interactive galleries for families to get their hands on.

"Kids will be able to turn the table on their parents and become the lead in a grocery experience we're going to have a climbing canopy where you can go up 25 feet in the air, climb up over the exhibit gallery we have a hands on water area exploring the science of water," he said.

Which is just naming a few. Located right next to the entrance of Crystal Bridges, the land was donated by the Walton Family Foundation, along with a 10 million dollar matching grant.

But the museum still has about 6 million dollars to raise to hit its 28.5 million dollar goal.

"Yes, you're going to see concrete being poured and see steal beams coming up, but there is still a wonderful opportunity to have support from both individuals and families and organizations and businesses in this community," Director of Development, Molly Rawn said.

It's the community that took this idea from a sketch at a dining room table 10 years ago, to construction of a multi-million dollar center.

"Everyone is expecting this to be an amazing place, everyone is excited, everyone can't wait for this to open they're ready to come now."

For more information on the Amazeum, click here.

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