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AR Voter ID Law Back in Effect for Early Voting

Arkansas' voter ID law is back in effect, just days after a Circuit Court Judge ruled the law unconstitutional.
Fayetteville, AR - Arkansas' voter ID law is back in effect, just days after a circuit court judge ruled the law unconstitutional.

The Arkansas Supreme Court granted a temporary stay Tuesday in the Pulaski County Circuit Court decision that would void the law. Washington County poll workers are preparing to enforce the new rules, just days before early voting begins.

"We have been doing training for the past 3 weeks," says Election Coordinator Jennifer Price. "We will follow the existing photo ID law, as it stands today."

Price isn't sure how the court decisions will play out, but for now, voters will need to show identification to participate in the May primary elections.

"If something happens, then we'll have a meeting with the election commission and then we'll let our poll workers know exactly what they need to do on election day," Price says.

She wants voters to know what they need, before heading to the polls.

"It's a specific list of IDs that are accepted," she says. "Voters need an Arkansas drivers license, an Arkansas State ID, a US Passport, Military ID, or a Student ID from a post secondary accredited school here, located in Arkansas."

If you don't have one, the county clerk can issue a free photo id for voting purposes.

"You wouldn't be able to use it to cash a check, or to buy an airplane ticket, or anything like that," Price says. "It is free of charge."

Price is working to run a fair election in Washington County, while the legal battle continues in Little Rock.

"It's part of being part of the political process, and making sure that every vote counts," she says.

Price says if you do forget your ID on election day, you can still cast a provisional ballot.

"That gives you an opportunity to come back to the County Clerk's office until the Monday following the election at noon and show your ID," she says. "That way your ballot will count."

Early voting begins Monday morning at 8 a.m. For more information on the new law click here, and to find your correct polling place, visit the Washington County website.
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