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Back To School: How To Help the NWA Children's Shelter

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS --- As you're grabbing those back to school supplies, add a little extra to your basket to help out others.
NORTHWEST ARKANSAS --- The school year is about to begin for many NWA kids.

There are some that might not have all the necessities for that first day back to the classroom.

The NWA Children's Shelter is trying to help those kids who might go without.

"We had a child last year; an 8 year old girl that we gave her a backpack and at he end of the day, she went to turn the backpack back in," said Steve Schotta, shelter director. "She had never had a backpack that she'd been able to keep."

 Click here to find out how you can help in the donation drive to lend a helping hand for the NWA Children's Shelter.
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