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Benton County Alert: Storm Sirens Not Working

BENTON COUNTY, AR. --- According to the Benton County Alert System, certain storm sirens in the area are out of service do to mechanical failure.
BENTON COUNTY, AR. --- According the the BC Alert System website: "The storm siren in your area is out of service do to mechanical failure. With the approaching storm system on Sunday April 27, please watch your local weather station. We'll have the storm siren repaired very soon."

According to Bentonville Fire Chief Brent Boydston, three of 16 storm sirens in Bentonville are not communicating with dispatch. Boydston says the siren's speakers have been out since the last monthly test. The city sent for new ones, however, those new speakers have yet to arrive.

Stay with KNWA News and The Fox News Edge for the latest on these storms. Check out NWA Weather Authority Facebook page for updates as well.

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