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Benton County Finance Committee Hopes To Fund Rural EMS Service

BENTON COUNTY, AR.--- On Thursday night, Benton County leaders held a special finance committee meeting to decide the next steps to fund rural EMS services.
BENTON COUNTY, AR. --- After Tuesday's election to fund the services failed, it is back to square one for Benton County leaders. Thursday night, those leaders took the first steps towards a solution.

"The question was 'do we commit any more funds to pay for ambulance service throughout 2014,'" said Tom Allen, Benton County Finance Committee chairman.

The Benton County finance committee answered that question on Thursday night.

"We voted tonight that we would assure the other service providers in the cities that we would in fact, stand by our commitment and pay for the ambulance service for the rest of 2014," said Allen.

Chairman Allen said the next question? How will the Quorum court decide to fund the service?

"They're going to be looking at all the budget line items that have money that have a size able amount of money that has not been spent or committed," said Allen.

Some of those items?

"Small equipment is one line item that has half a million dollars in it," said Allen. "It does belongs and it does go somewhere."

No matter where the green comes from, if the finance committee has its way, service will continue in Benton County throughout 2014.

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