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Bentonville Family Brings Home Adopted Daughter After Two Years

A Northwest Arkansas family welcomes home their new adopted daughter, after a 20 month process.
BENTONVILLE - A Northwest Arkansas family welcomed home a new family member Wednesday night, after a nearly two year adoption process halted by child smuggling concerns.

Jenny Marrs and her husband, Dave, have been in the process of adopting their 2-year-old daughter, Sylvie, from the Democratic Republic of Congo in November 2012. The process was close to completion, but Sylvie's native country stopped them.

But the country released Sylvie, due to her medical concerns. Now, she's home in Bentonville. 

"It's gonna be a sigh of relief that she's really here. It's really happening and, just, complete joy and, just the end of a really, really, really long road," said Jenny Marrs.

Jenny Marrs says over 700 kids are still in the adoption process in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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