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#BTS Fayetteville Schools Preparing for First Week Traffic

With the first week back to class comes heavy traffic but the district says they're prepared.
FAYETTEVILLE -- The first week of school also means some traffic headaches for drivers. But Fayetteville Public Schools wants to ease your commute.

The district says teachers have been planning first week activities for months. The number one priority is getting kids dropped off quickly and parents on their way. Fayetteville says its schools now have staggering start times to cut down on traffic congestion. But the district says it's important to still allow yourself plenty of extra time.

"It does get congested until we get used to it for a couple of weeks and people understand - yes, at 2:45 or at 3:15, it's gonna be crowded around this particular area and then, they know to either plan ahead or avoid that area for a few minutes," Alan Wilbourn, public information officer for Fayetteville Public Schools, said.

Construction is a concern for many folks. But the district says most roads in the city are clear and don't anticipate traffic troubles to start the year.
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