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Camden Woman Becomes Oldest Person in the US

Celebrates 116th Birthday Today

CAMDEN,AR-A Camden woman did more than just celebrate her birthday Friday, she broke a United States record.

Gertrude Weaver was born on July 4th, 1898 making Friday her 116th birthday. Also making her the oldest person in the United States.

 She recieved a plack from the Genology Research Group of Los Angeles with her title on it.

 The Mayor of Camden named Friday Getrude day. She even received a letter from President Obama.

 She says her long healthy life is thanks to a simple philosophy she lives by.

"I treat everyone the way I want to be treated" says Weaver.

Weaver is the oldest person in the United States but not the oldest in the world.

That distinction belongs to is a woman in Japan, who is just two months older than Gertrude.

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