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Celebrating National Ice Cream Month With Burton's Comfort Creamery

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. --- Did you know July is national ice cream month? You can celebrate by simply eating some of that sweet treat by a local creamery.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR. --- Schuldertown in Fayetteville is home to food trucks, but one of them is the sweetest of all. Ryan Burton owns Burton's Comfort Creamery and on Friday, he gave Fox 24's Channing Barker a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make the tasty treat.

Burton made one of his signature cones called Cinnamonster. It's covered with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and injected with his own salted caramel mix.

"The salted caramel we actually make from scratch and so it's my favorite thing. I'm really proud of that," said Burton.

Really, all you have to do to celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July is eat some ice cream! Sunday is National Ice Cream day, so keep that in mind as well.

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