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City Council OKs Start of Parking Deck Construction

Fayetteville City Council discussed several hot button issues, including the proposed parking deck.
FAYETTEVILLE - The final steps needed to start building the parking deck at the corner of Spring Street and School Avenue were taken Tuesday night.

The council approved plans to start demolition of the Walton Arts Center offices that are there right now. Then, the lot will be excavated, since part of the deck will be underground. It's a project that's been in the works for the last two years.

"The first week of August, we will mobilize on site," said Jeremy Pate, city director of development services. "The contractor will start tearing down the building a couple of weeks later and actually seeing large dump trucks and large excavation equipment."

Demolition on site will begin the second week of August. 

Also on the agenda was the creation of a civil rights administrator position. The job would deal with complaints of discrimination in the city. Council member Matthew Petty, who proposed the ordinance, hopes to take three council meetings to iron out the details of the job.
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