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Confrontation at Hospital Leads to Police Stand Off

SPRINGDALE, AR -- Police said Johnathon Fuller made threats that he was going to kill people that he believed were responsible for his brother's death.
SPRINGDALE, AR -- A man is undergoing a mental evaluation and facing possible charges after making death threats to family after his brother died.

On Friday morning, the Springdale Fire Department received a call of a possible drug overdose at 2685 Ponchartrain. Joseph Fuller, 26, was taken to Northwest Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Police said as family began to arrive at the hospital, including Joseph's brother, 24-year-old Johnathon Fuller.

"Mr Fuller started making some threats at the hospital that he was going to hurt the individuals that he believed were responsible for the death," says Lt. Derek Hudson.
"Fuller also wanted the family to help him. The family refused, said 'Hey we just need to call the police to handle this,' and then he started making threats to kill family members, said he was going to get some guns and take care of them."

The family told police that Fuller had several firearms, including rifles.

Springdale officers went to 3080 Twin County, where Johnathon was supposed to be retrieving the guns. Officers said they were unable to talk to anyone at the home but later spoke to Fuller on the phone.

"He refused to cooperate, refused to come out, so they began to evacuate some of the surrounding homes," Hudson says. "(Officers) contacted the SWAT team, contacted hostage negotiators. Eventually Mr. Fuller came out of the home unarmed, and the SWAT team arrested him. He was not injured."

Fuller was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, and criminal charges are pending.

The SPD Detective Division is investigating the death of Joseph Fuller.
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