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Consumer Minute: Best BBQ in America

It's time for the Consumer Minute!
A Careerbuilder survey of mothers and fathers who are the sole breadwinners in their homes, found a big disparity in income. While 24% of working dads polled make $100,000 dollars or more a year, only 6% of moms make six figures. Fifty-seven percent of dads polled who are the only income earners in the home are in a professional or technical role, compared to 28% of working moms.

Where can you find the best BBQ joints in the nation? According to Trip Advisor - Georgia. It has the most number of highly ranked barbecue restaurants on the Trip Advisor site. It's followed by North Carolina, Texas, Missouri and Tennessee. The top ranked barbecue restaurant in the US is Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas. Patrons have been known to wait upwards of three hours for a plate of their slow smoked brisket.
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