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Consumer Minute: Best Value Colleges & Data Privacy Day

It's time for the Consumer Minute!
College tuition is pricey, but luckily we are talking about the best value colleges for your money. The Princeton Review is out with its annual list. They're all ranked as exceptional for academics, with generous financial aid packages. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill gets top marks for the public schools, followed by New College of Florida, University of Virginia, North Carolina State University and University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Williams College tops the private schools list, followed by Harvard college, Swarthmore college, Yale University and Princeton University.

Today (Tuesday) is Data Privacy Day - so, how good are you at protecting your information? Eh, not very, according to a survey from Mcafee and ADT. The majority of smartphone and tablet users use a password, but nearly half admit to sharing it. More than a third of people use their mobile devices to control their physical alarm systems - but many of them fail to use private passwords - leaving their device and their doors open for thieves.

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