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Consumer Minute: Cost of Speeding & Who is Watching You Tweet?

It's time for the Consumer Minute!
A minor speeding violation that's 15 miles over the limit or less increases your car insurance an average of 21%. That's according to a new report from Insurancequotes.com. To translate that into real money, if the average annual car insurance is $912 a year, one speeding ticket brings it up $191. But that's not much compared to a DUI, which will raise your insurance rate by 93% - that's almost double! Wreckless driving will cost you 82% more a year in insurance.

While you're getting ready to watch the NCAA tournament security firms are watching what fans are tweeting. Companies monitor online chatter before a game to help them make decisions about how many security officers to send to a venue. They look for indications that fans plan on storming the court or blocking streets - like these University of Dayton fans after their team's big win over Syracuse. Police departments have been monitoring Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to look for possible criminal activity for some time.
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