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Consumer Minute: Cyber Attacks & Credit Score Scam

It's time for Consumer Minute!
Target's breach was massive, and one of the most publicized, with the theft of credit card and personal information from tens of millions of Americans. But it's one of more than 3,000 US businesses hacked last year, according to the Washington Post. The paper reports federal agents alerted the companies to the attacks. Among the victims - other national retailers, both small and large businesses, local banks, and defense contractors.

An alert from the Better Business Bureau warning you about a credit "score" scam. An email offering free credit score reports for seven days is actually out to score your money. Nearly three-thousand people have complained to the BBB because after those seven days, you're credit card is charged. You may also be sent to a site that grabs your personal information or unleashes a virus. If you get the email about free credit scores, do "not" click on any links or share any personal or financial information.
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