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Consumer Minute: Government Gives Out Cash & More March Madness

It's time for the Consumer Minute!
The Federal government has more than $700 million dollars, and it actually wants to give you some of it. The nearly $760 million dollars belongs to an estimated 918,600 taxpayers who have not filed a 2010 - yes, 2010 tax return. But time is running out. In order to collect the money, taxpayers must file their 2010 return no later than Tuesday April 15 of this year. If a tax return isn't filed within three years the money becomes the property of the US Treasury.

Do you plan to check your smartphone for March Madness scores while you're at work? A study by a mobile and web app testing company, finds that 51% of the March Madness followers surveyed plan to check apps for March Madness updates while at work. Workers say they'll sneak-a-peek during breaks, downtime, conference calls, while in a meeting, and 4% said they'd check scores while receiving a performance review!
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