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Consumer Minute: Is Your Job Making You Fat?

It's time for the Consumer Minute
Nearly 2 million college graduates will soon be looking for jobs and the outlook is promising. According to a new survey from a leading employment consulting firm, two out of three employers are planning to hire new grads. Starting salaries for those grads are up 1.2% from a year ago. The survey also found that companies said most of their entry level recruits were hired through an internship program.

Here's something those new college grads may want to consider as they settle into their jobs this summer. According to a survey from Careerbuilder, more than half of workers describe themselves as overweight. 39% say they've gained weight at their current job with 21% putting on more than 10 pounds and 9 percent adding more than 20 pounds. Management roles seem to be the most susceptible to weight gain, as 44% say they've tipped the scales in their current job. Also, nearly 18% of workers feel that their thinner counterparts are shown favoritism in the workplace.
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