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Consumer Minute: Mother's Day Flowers & Password Day

It's time for the Consumer Minute!
Boxed fresh flowers straight from a grower can cost about half as much as those from a florist. But mom will have to do the arranging, so get a single-bloom arrangement, like tulips. You can also save some money by ordering a few days ahead of time.. and delivering a day or two before the big will save you some surcharges. If you're going to see mom on Mother's Day, opt for in-store pickup at the florist and forego delivery fees. If you won't see her, aim for a florist near her home to reduce delivery fees.

Want to go from a password that's hackable to one that's uncrackable? Wednesday is "world password day".. so get cracking on one that's "not" your birthdate or 1-2-3-4. You can pledge to change your password, and get tips on how to make it stronger, at Passwordday.org. Mcafee has a few tips:
Choose length over complexity
Aim for 14 or more characters
Use a password manager, and change passwords regularly
Skip one-word passwords, and don't share
Also, use different passwords for banking, email, and other sites.
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