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Consumer Minute: New "Peeps" Flavor & Easy Money Transfers

It's time for the Consumer Minute!
For fans of those colorful sugary marshmallow chicks, blue raspberry is the latest flavor creation. Sold exclusively at Walmart, blue raspberry was the flavor customers voted on during a contest last year. Peeps have become an Easter favorite since their introduction to our taste buds in the early fifties. Each day approximately 5-million peeps are hatched at the just born company.

Millions of consumers transfer money each year, but it can often be a costly transaction. Now, a new service is coming to Walmart stores that could save money for its customers. Walmart has just introduced a money transfer service that it says will cut fees by up to 50%. The low cost service, available starting april 24th, will allow customers the opportunity to transfer money to and from walmart stores nationwide.
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