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Consumer Minute: Real Estate Tips & New Streaming Television Service?

It's time for the Consumer Minute!
As the weather heats up, so will the real estate market. If you're looking to buy this year, start with a "pre-approval" letter from a lender. Buyers face more scrutiny these days, and housing prices are up. A pre-approval will let you know exactly how much you can spend. Buyers and sellers should start early to get a head start on the competition. Sellers - make sure you have the most up to date "comps" for your area. Rising prices mean fall comps are outdated.

Apple and Comcast are in talks for a streaming television service, according to the Wall Street Journal. The paper reports the deal, if it happens, would give Apple access to Comcast's pipeline, bypassing web congestion. Users would be able to stream from the Cloud, with better reception than current services.
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