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Court Makes Adoption Final for NWA Family

BENTONVILLE, AR. --- One NWA family is finally able to call a little girl their daughter after years of fostering through DHS of Benton County.
BENTONVILLE, AR. --- Andrew and Kathy Davenport have been trying to start a family for over five years. Kathy has a condition known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. She has 20 cysts on her ovaries and a tilted pelvic floor, which prevents her from conceiving.

"I think that every woman, like especially after she gets married, she wants to start a family, she wants to be pregnant and have her own child. I think not being able to provide that or give that to my husband was heart aching," said Kathy.

The Davenports haven't let infertility stop them from being parents. The couple has fostered 13 children through DHS of Benton County. Although the couple loves fostering, they say their goal is to adopt. Toady, that dream is becoming a reality for the Davenports.

You can read their entire story about infertility here.

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