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Doing Good - Make A Wish

Make A Wish is a foundation granting wishes to seriously ill children to help them forget about being sick and make it a day they will never forget.

From the smiles on children's faces to some times even their tears of joy, it is easy to see the impact the Make A Wish Foundation has on children's lives who are facing serious illnesses.

Jeremy Forbis with Make A Wish said, “We try to do it over the top and give them an experience they will just never forget. We try not to draw any boundaries and just let that kid make a wish.”

Founded back in the late 80's its mission is to grant a wish and a chance for the child to forget their sick.

It's really powerful and a different way to treat the child and what they're dealing with beyond the medicine,” explained Julianne Brown with Make A Wish.

The most common request continues to be going to Disney World, but organizers say grant any wish possible and have an impact on the child and their family.

Brown said, “So that family that travels doesn't have to worry about expenses or the agenda planning.”

The biggest need for Make A Wish right now is to raise awareness and funds to grant even more wishes.

Forbis explains, “There's no doubt the child family are impacted, but to be involved with make a wish and share that is truly a powerful experience.”

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