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Doing Good - Restoration Village

ROGERS, AR - Restoration Village is a long-term shelter, offering women and children a safe and stable environment.
Nestled just outside of north Rogers, is a special place that's helping to change lives.

"The purpose is a long-term shelter for women usually with children in a crisis time in their life," says David Engle, CEO, Restoration Village.

Nearly two dozen women and their children call Restoration Village their temporary home until they're able to get back on their feet.

"We have a licensed counselor on staff that meets with them twice a week, helps them find jobs and transportation and getting on with their lives, explained Engle.

For 24 years, the nonprofit has been all about giving those it serves a second chance.

"I'm sitting here in my mind thinking of people who've made a change in their lives and it's incredible," says Shelly Mather, who works at Restoration Village.

Mather actually came to the nonprofit for help several years ago.

One year later, she was hired on to help others and has been here ever since.

"The things that I went through brought me here. And I am blessed to be able to help," says Mather.

A reminder of the people they have helped is a Christmas tree they put up every year in the great room.

It's decorated in stars with the pictures of those who have come through.

"I want to know what happens to these children because they're all very precious to me," says Mather.

That's why Restoration Village is doing all it can to offer people a fresh start in life with the steps to rebuild.

"These people are going through a difficult situation but they are people just like all the rest of us," says Engle.

"Everyone that walks through this door makes by heart bigger. I ought to weight about 6,000 pounds by now," says Mather.

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