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Doing Good - Souls Harbor

Souls Harbor is a nonprofit helping men get a second chance in life who are facing tough times.

Just in time for the winter season, folks with Souls Harbor are cutting wood to sell to support the nonprofit.

Danny Foster, a project manager with Souls Harbor said, "Right now we're working hard on the tree trimming service, but we're doing roofing and a little bit of everything. This is just the place to come to get healed, feels safe and get yourself back together."

Opened back in the late 80's, the nonprofit helps men who are facing tough times like drug and alcohol abuse with a second chance

Jonathan Allen came to Souls Harbor several months ago because of life storms he was facing.

Now he works for the nonprofit.

"It just finally became a large snowball and here I am, this place truly saved my life," explained Jonathan Allen with Souls Harbor.

A big part of what they do, is maintain micro-businesses to support the nonprofit with the skills each man has ranging from carpentry to mechanics.

Allen said, "We try to take those people and form micro businesses that we can benefit from and give these guys some full time employment."

Through hard work and new found friendships on the road to overcome their problems... each of these men are helping to better themselves.

Foster said, "If you're having problems and need help, look us up. We can help you."

"It's a god sent. It saves a lot of lives, it really does, explained Allen.

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