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Families Left Picking Up Pieces After Deadly Tornado

Mayflower, AR - Families in Mayflower, AR are salvaging anything they can after deadly tornado tears through their community.

Mayflower, AR - "The minute we hit the bathtub the tornado hit the trailer."

With her husband huddled over her, Tina and James Guiden watched as their home in Mayflower disappeared around them.

"It wasn't five seconds after I covered her in the tub and the walls did this. I'm talking about we watch the whole thing all around us. Praying the whole time."

The tornado leveled their home only leaving the walls around, the bath tub standing.

"God had his hand on my back."

With help from volunteers Tuesday, Tina and James finish off what the tornado left behind.

Two days later they're pulling away pieces of their home in hopes to find little pieces of their lives.

"I want to keep them all."

Because here, its the little things that count.

Necklaces, crosses and even something as simple as syrup.

"Somebody fire up the griddle... I'm telling ya."

Because in the end finding something as small, as a wedding ring can mean the world when they were so close to losing it all.

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