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Fayetteville Public Schools Adding 90 New Teachers

FAYETTEVILLE - The district says early retirement buyouts last school year opened the door for new instructors.
FAYETTEVILLE - Along with new students, the Fayetteville Public School District will add ninety new teachers this year.

Tuesday, some of those teachers mingled with Rotary Club members at a special luncheon at Mermaid's restaurant.

According to district spokesman Alan Wilbourn, at the end of the last school year the district offered early retirement buyouts, opening the door for new instructors."We're excited. We've had this type of situation before, where you know we've had an influx of new teachers, it's always great because they're excited, many of them have not taught before and so it'd be an opportunity for them to join what we think, a great school district and become part of our tradition," he said.

Fayetteville Public Schools on the regular calendar begin classes August 18.
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