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First Responders & FHS Team Up To Demonstrate Impaired Driving Dangers

First Responders & FHS Team Up To Demonstrate Driving Dangers
FAYETTEVILLE -- Happening Thursday, Fayetteville first responders will visit one local high school to show students the dangers of impaired driving. Fayetteville High School will host the event called "Shattered Dreams". A car accident will be set up near the school, complete with fire, police and EMS response, plus family notifications, and the arrest and booking of the driver. The goal, to show students the dangers of texting while driving, driving under the influence, and excessive passengers.

There will also be an individual dressed as the "Grim Reaper" who appears periodically throughout the school day. The pretend victims are taken out of class, made-up in white faces and dressed in black t-shirts to symbolize death, and then returned to their classrooms to continue their day. By the end of the day, every student has one or more "deceased" classmates present in the classroom with him or her, and on this note, the school day ends. The next morning a wrap-up assembly is held featuring those who played roles in the previous day's drama, including the "crash" victims and their parents. The assembly is held to listen and comment about how the community is affected when we lose love ones because of bad choices.

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