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Flooding Still An Issue in Johnson

Flash flooding is improving, but still a concern for Johnson residents.
JOHNSON, AR -- Northwest Arkansas was buried in heavy rain all day Sunday. For people in Johnson, large amounts of rain bring concerns over flash flooding.

"Down on the creek on Ball Street, where our farm is at, it gets a little high every now and then," said Mike Bonner, a local market owner who also owns a farm in the area.

Bonner recalls past flooding problems for the town.

"I had to evacuate my neighbor's house and water would get up almost in our business. It'd be like a river going down Main Drive," Bonner said.

Flooding also has had an impact on local businesses.

"Back when it flooded a lot, they had to close down the road. That did affect our business then," Bonner said. 

In August, an old one lane bridge that caused much of the flooding was torn out. Since then, Bonner believes the area has improved dramatically.

"Since the bridge has been out, it hasn't been nearly as bad," Bonner said. 
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