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Former AR Governor; 'Seriously Considering' Presidential Bid

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD--Former Arkansas Governor Mike Hucakbee is in the headlines again.
NATIONAL HARBOR, MD-- KNWA is your local election headquarters. And former Arkansas Governor Mike Hucakbee is in the headlines again. He's been busy in Maryland, at a conference talking to conservatives about everything from faith to foreign policy. But when asked about a bid for the 2016 presidency, Huckabee also talked campaigning. "It's not a decision I've made. It's not even one I plan to make until we get well past the 2014 elections. Am I open to it? Yeah, I made that pretty clear that I'm very seriously considering it." Huckabee added that campaign funding is critical for a presidential bid. The former Presidential candidate was recently in Rogers to give the keynote address at a Northwest Arkansas financial forum. KNWA Today' J.R. Davis sat down with him for a one-on-one about everything from the Ukraine uprising to his potential Presidential bid. You can see the entire interview here.  
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