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Former Olympic Staffer Uses Experiences in College Classroom

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Dr. Steve Dittmore has been to two Olympic games and translates that experience for use in class lectures.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- "This is the official parka that we were all given," Dr. Steve Dittmore says, as he grabs an old jacket.

From parkas, to posters, to pictures, a look around Dittmore's office shows that he's no stranger to the Olympics.

"Having worked both the summer and the winter games, I can tell you that the winter games are much easier to manage," Dittmore says.

Dittmore worked as a media coordinator for both the 96' Atlanta games and the '02 Salt Lake City games.

"That meant everything from access to athletes to proper accreditation to get where they need to go," Dittmore says.

"The experience in Salt Lake was really phenomenal."

A highlight of his Salt Lake experience was the opening ceremony.

"It came on the heels of September 11, 2001 so they paraded out in the opening ceremony, the flag... that they had recovered at ground zero," Dittmore says.

"I have photos that I took of me, and colleagues that I was working with."

Dr. Dittmore is taking his Olympic memories and turning them into lectures.

He teaches classes at the University of Arkansas, some of them, with Olympic themes and concepts.

"From a political perspective, from a human rights perspective," Dittmore says.

One aspect he also looks at is ambush marketing.

"We talk a lot about how the transferability of an Olympic celebrity outside of the official Olympic sponsors might come into play," Dittmore says.

Speaking of 'play', Dittmore says he sees the big event as something more than just competition.

"It often isn't about the best in the world," Dittmore says.

"It's about bringing together nations within the spirit of sport."
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