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Fort Smith Police Find Pregnant Woman Dead In Bathroom

FORT SMITH, AR. --- Fort Smith police say the body of 22-year-old Briana Butler was found on Sunday night. Officers also found a two-year-old sleeping in another room of the house.
FORT SMITH, AR. --- On Sunday, Fort Smith police received a call from 21-year-old Douglas True. True requested officers meet with him. Police say Mr. True made statements that led officers to believe something had happened between he and his girlfriend, Briana Butler, inside 2926 South 66th Street.
After further converstation, officers found the body of 22-year-old Briana Butler, laying in the floor of the bathroom inside the home. Evidence suggests that Butler was near midway through her pregnancy.  Officers also found a two-year-old girl sleeping in a nearby bedroom.  Police say the toddler appeared to have minor facial injuries and she was taken to a local hospital for treatment.
Police have the knife believed to have been used during the crime. True was placed under arrest on suspicion of counts of Capital Murder and is being held at the Sebastian County Detention Center without bond.

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