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General Mills Grant Helps Bentonville Teachers Make Recess More Fun

A General Mills' sponsored workshop trained Bentonville teachers in how to make kids time outside safe, inclusive, and educational.

The General Mills Foundation is giving teachers in the Bentonville School District an opportunity for make recess more fun and educational.

Playworks Education Energized trained the teachers in a workshop help Monday, June 9. The meeting focused on helping make recess a positive experience for every student. Playworks says that their goal is to "help kids think, grow and learn safely through play and physical activity."

"For years, the General Mills Foundation has supported youth nutrition and fitness programs that are making a positive impact on youth across the country," said Ellen Goldberg Luger, executive director of the General Mills Foundation. "We are thrilled to support Playworks as they work to improve the school environment and the health of our students through safe and meaningful play."
This initiative aims to help students learn socially and mentally through inclusive play and physical activity.

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