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Gold Medalist Speaks to Sold Out Crowd in NWA

Mary Lou Retton gives advice on being successful.
An Olympic medalist made an appearance in Northwest Arkansas - motivating others to go for the gold.

Mary Lou Retton spoke to a sold out crowd at a Network of Executive Women event Thursday afternoon.

Retton won five medals, including the gold, in gymnastics at the Olympics in 1984. Retton is now a published author and motivational speaker. She wants people to know what made her successful translates to the work place: hard work -- and always pushing forward.

"People have this vision of me with the great big smile, and gold medal draped around my neck and USA on my warmup," she said. "That was the pinnacle of my success, but it took a team of people to get me there, and it took a lot of never, ever giving up."
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