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"I'm Andy Mayberry and I Want To Be Your Next and Last Lieutenant Governor."

ARKANSAS --- After former Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr resigned last month over ethics violations, the seat sits empty. Andy Mayberry is looking to fill that spot, but he also wants to get rid of it.
ARKANSAS --- State Representative Andy Mayberry is running for the position of Lieutenant Governor. It's an office he's hoping won't be around for long.

"It's unusual. I am advocating to abolish the position that I am running for. As long as we've got an office of Lieutenant Governor, it is imperative. It is vital that we have a good person there. They literally are a heartbeat away from being governor," said Mayberry.

Mayberry said there isn't a need for the position anymore.

"There are two constitutional mandated responsibilities of the office of Lieutenant Governor. One is to preside over the Senate. A Senate Pro Temp could do that very easily. Then to fill in for the governor in a short term absence, well that's kind of archaic. That was written in the days of horse and buggy and carrier pigeon. A governor can serve as governor while they're in Memphis, Tennessee through the use of today's technology," said Mayberry.

The candidate thinks that getting rid of the position could save money.

"One of the planks in my platform is efficiency in government and when you look a efficiency in government. You have to look introspectively and say is this the best use of taxpayer dollars," Mayberry said.

In Mayberry's plan, the Secretary of State would be the next in line for succession.

For now, though, Mayberry is getting ready to face his Republican challengers in the May primary.

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