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Kids at Football Camp Keeping Cool in NWA Heat

One football clinic is trying to keep its players healthy in the near 100 degree heat.
SPRINGDALE -- With heat and humidity on the rise, players at the Southwest Elite 7 on 7 showcase are trying to stay cool.

"It gets pretty tough in the afternoon but most people like to get in the shade in between games and drink a lot of water," said 7 on 7 player Jennings Jarman.

Tournament workers set up cooling stations for the players, helping them stay hydrated and healthy.

"We have Gatorade and water out here at all the different fields and there's shade tents," said first aid responder Abbey Cook. "We're just making sure they stay hydrated and have breaks when they need it."

The camp also has ice tubs and iced towels for the players. The camp keeps its cooling supplies in an 18-wheeler, to provide its 800 high school football attendees. 

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