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Kids Prepare Animals for Benton County Fair

Young farmers spend their time at the fairgrounds caring for the livestock.
BENTONVILLE -- Animals are at the heart of the Benton County Fair, with dozens of kids spending their free time at the fairgrounds, caring for the livestock.

"These kids come in in the morning and they'll wash and groom them, clean all their shavings, feed and water them," said Charlene Newell, livestock chair. "They're here throughout the day with them so if you ever come through, you're gonna see a kid with their animal no matter what time."

With more than 250 livestock exhibitors, animals from all over the county come to be a part of the fair.

"They come from Rogers, Bentonville, Decatur, Siloam Springs, all over the county," said Newell.

Taking care of cattle, pigs and sheep teach these children life lessons they can't learn in a classroom.

"A lot of the same kids put our 4-H exhibits on, but it's really good for the kids because it teaches them responsibility," said Cindy Brown, fair manager.

And for these young farmers, it's all about getting their animals ready for competition.

"The kids work really, really hard on feeding the animals, getting them to look the way the judges want them to look so when it comes fair time, they're ready to go."

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