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Last Minute Rush to Sign Up for ACA, Deadlines Looming

If you don't sign up for health insurance, or don't have health insurance, you could be penalized.
SPRINGFIELD, MO -- Health care worker Diana Springer has been without insurance since December. "I did have insurance with the company I work for. And, of course, with this new insurance thing it's no longer available for me." Springer says she has not had major health issues but being a Mom makes this a priority. "I mean, I'm a pretty healthy person but I am getting up there in the age bracket."

The payment she got when she filled out the online form herself was not affordable."That's half my income, and I've got two children at home that I raise a 16 year old daughter and an 18 year old son. I wouldn't be able to afford my home, my utilities, cable, insurance, internet, if I were to pay that amount of money."

"We've seen a big influx of people coming in." said Georgia Cable at Sprinfield's Mercy Hospital. She says Springer isn't alone in needing help or in coming in near the deadline. "I'd compare it to, maybe, filing your taxes, people...it's something you can do on your own but if you have someone who has experienced the process sometimes it can go a little more quickly."

Under the Affordable Care Act people without insurance may have to pay up when they turn in their taxes. "There will be penalties if people do not select a plan."

If you don't sign up for health insurance, or don't have health insurance, you can be penalized under the "individual responsibility payment." That's 1 percent of your income, or $95 per person for the year, and half that for a child under 18. The maximum penalty per family is $285.

The next important deadlines include:
March 31, the end of open enrollment.
November 15, the proposed date for the beginning of open enrollment for 2015
January 15, the proposed end for open enrollment for 2015.

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