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Low Numbers for Runoff in NWA

Benton and Washington counties report low numbers for Tuesday's runoff.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- Numbers are low in Benton and Washington County for Tuesday's runoff election.

Over a thousand folks cast their ballots in both counties combined. But the price tag for the counties was not low. Both counties spent nearly $60,000 on the runoff election. With low turnout, Benton County election officials are not happy with the numbers. 

"We prepared for a larger election than this and I would have hoped more people would come out," Benton County election commission chair John Brown said. 

Both counties are spending less on this runoff, hoping to save money.

"We save costs just by having fewer poll workers at the facilities, just because we will have fewer voters," Washington County election coordinator Jennifer Price said. 

The last runoff election, held in 2010, included both a Republican and Democratic election, while this year's statewide election features only a Republican race. 

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