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Make-A-Wish Kid's Dream Comes True

13-year-old wished for trip to Florida resort, or house made of cheese.
Fayetteville, AR -- Today was a special day for one Razorback fan. Garrett Hodges from Ozark, Arkansas had a wish granting ceremony from the Chi Omega sorority and the Make-A-Wish Foundation today at Bud Walton Arena. The two have partnered since 2002, granting 3 or 4 wishes a year, and donating $27,000 to charity last year. Garrett's wish is to go to a beach resort in florida, but he also had a second wish, to live in a mansion made of cheese. Although Garrett's second wish wasn't able to be fufilled, KNWA's Chef Brooks recorded a video message for Garrett that played at today's ceremony.  Garrett received donations from the Outdoor Recreation Group in Bentonville for his next adventure. The big trip to Florida will be next month. 
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