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Make-Up Day Mess Shortens Spring Break in Springdale

SPRINGDALE, AR -- Frustration mounts as snow days force more changes to the school year calendar.
SPRINGDALE, AR -- Empty, quiet, snow-covered school yards seem to be a recurring scene this winter.

Meanwhile, school officials are becoming quite vocal.

"Change the forecast!", Rick Schaeffer jokes during an interview Tuesday.

Wednesday's weather-induced closing will tie a record in Springdale: 10 days missed.

"Probably, kids those first couple of days (were saying) 'Hot ziggity this is wonderful,'" Schaeffer says.

"Well, the thrill is gone."

This latest string of shutdowns has now cut into a weekend and spring break so that make-up days can fit into the school calendar.

The state requires 178 days of instruction.

"When you start scheduling Spring Break days that interferes with a lot of people," Schaeffer says.

Schaeffer says parents shouldn't be quick to change any plans.

"If it's already scheduled, if it's already paid for, go work with your schools they're going to work with you on that," Schaeffer says.

"There are certainly ways that the work can be made up,"

The district still hopes summer break can begin June 3, but it doesn't look promising.

March 8 (Saturday), March 24 and March 25 (Spring Break) are make-up days that are set and will be needed.

The only other reserved make-up day is Saturday, April 5, past that, the plan is unknown.

For students, it's a continuous shuffle in and out of the classroom.

"It's kind of like not exercising for two days and you go back and you get stiff again," Schaeffer says.

"They'll get back in the swing of things pretty quickly, we just don't know when."

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