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Man Accused of Raping Woman at Washington County Campground

Washington County -- Deputies said William Osburne sexually assaulted a woman at a campground, in front of her children.
WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Washington County sheriff's deputies said a man sexually assaulted a woman at a campground, in front of her children. It happened Saturday in the Cedar Flatts area.

According to the police report, William Osburne, 39, was staying at a nearby campsite. The woman told deputies Osburne helped her get her horse trailer unstuck earlier that day, and then wouldn't leave. The police report said she claims Osburne groped and threatened her, saying he was "going to tear her to pieces." Investigators said she told them he followed her to her vehicle at one point, and began tearing off her clothes and sexually assaulted her, while her children sat by the campfire next to her vehicle. She told deputies she was able to honk the horn and startle Osburne, giving her a chance to escape and sit with a group of people at the campsite.

Deputies said the woman's 18-year-old son tried to intervene at one point, and fell into the campfire, burning his hand. Witnesses told investigators they didn't have enough cell service to call 911, but were able to send out a text message for help.

By the time investigators arrived, Osburne had taken off. They were able to track him down the next day at a home, using a description of his truck. He faces rape and terroristic threatening charges.

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