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Managing the Pain of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of Arthritis affecting millions of people world wide. Dr. Jessica Short of Internal Medicine Associates tells us how you can manage the pain of this debilitating illness.
 When dealing with Osteoarthritis, "you usually try to manage the pain. " that's what Dr. Jessica Short of Internal Medicine Associates of Fayetteville says. Anti-Inflammatory medication is the most common type of pain reliever prescribed for Osteoarthritis. Most patients start out with an over the counter medication like Advil or Aleve, but there are other prescription Anti-inflammatory that your doctor can prescribe.

 Exercise can be of vital importance to managing Osteoarthritis especially in knees. " They have done studies that strengthening the muscles around the knees makes a difference in the actual pain the patient has."

 Dr. Short goes on to say that losing weight can help reduce pressure on joints, "for every pound lost, you actually are decreasing the amount of pressure on your knees significantly."

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